Jeremy Till


Interview with Jeremy Till on Schools, Contingency, Flexibility and Competitions

Extensive and (I think) useful interview with Adam Wood

16 January 2018

Quaderns: Conversation with Jeremy Till

Sharp interview with Leonardo Novelo that took place in December 2014.

10 February 2015

Evening Standard Interview

Interview with Liz Hoggard in the Evening Standard. Once one gets past the description of Sarah and me as a 'glamorous power couple', it gets quite meaty on issues of housing, design and scarcity.

17 July 2013

Interview: Thinking in Practice

Sparky questions from the online journal of Cecil Balmond's practice. Answers on Cedric Price, scarcity and agency.

09 April 2013

Critic who sees scarcity as socially produced

Very sharp interview and profile by Eeva Berglund for the Finnish journal ark. Captures my concerns very well.

02 April 2013

Manning the Barricades: Anon: Building Design

A good cop/bad cop profile, not all sugary sweet, but lively and well researched.

10 February 2012

Sheffield Goes to Venice: Yorkshire Post

More on Venice, with a very good description of our intent with the project

25 August 2006

European Eyes on Echo City: Sheffield Telegraph

On the Venice Biennale.

17 March 2006

Venetian Minds: Ed Dorrell: Architects Journal

When I was appointed as curator of the 2006 British Pavilion at the 2006 Venice Architecture Biennale.

15 December 2005

My home: Chris Arnot: Independent

Short and messy interview about our house in London.

07 December 2005

Brick and Mortals: Stephen Moss: Guardian

My favourite, because Stephen Moss always makes me laugh.

29 September 2001

A Tale of Eccentric Living: Ann Treneman: The Times

This is good too, because Ann Treneman is also a great journalist.

11 August 1999

Professor?s Taste for the High Rise: Lesley Draper: Sheffield Telegraph

More stuff about living in Park Hill. It never was meant as a publicity stunt...

30 April 1999

Double Effort: Ruth Slavid: Architects Journal

A profile of Sarah Wigglesworth and I when we were appointed to the University of Sheffield.

05 November 1998